29 Nov 2018 Maria Avraam

Social Media Paid Advertising

Social Media has gone beyond organic results

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    Why you need Social Media Paid Advertising

    • Inexpensive form of ads – with better results than traditional advertising.
    • Effective Goal tracking and reporting
    • Advanced Targeting and Segmentation
    • Ample Testing ability
    • Effective on a Large number of social media platforms

    Inexpensive form of ads

    Social Media advertising is undoubtedly cheaper compared to other paid marketing efforts. Therefore, your additional budget can be allocated to your other marketing expenses. Due to the vast number of people active on different social media platforms, the cost per capita is surprisingly less than, for example, having a huge billboard in the street. Thus, taking advantage of social media ads, such as Facebook advertising, means you will be able to do more with your budget or increase a specific social media platform’s budget for ultimate results.

    Effective Goal Tracking and reporting

    All platforms provide extensive reporting services alongside their advertising capabilities. We will be able to effectively translate them for you and provide enough insights to understand what is going well and what is not. This way, your marketing efforts will be translated into numbers which will be much easier to draw conclusions from.

    Advanced Targeting and Segmentation

    The most crucial aspect of advertising is targeting your desired market and segmenting it further in order to be able to deliver your products or services to the right people at the right time. Social media has the capability to capture crucial data from its users including demographics, interests and connections. Giving us access to your paid advertising efforts, we will be able to identify the appropriate segments on each of the social media platforms and taking comprehensive decisions on how to target them, what type of messaging will attract them, at what time and much, much more.


    Being able to test is the holy grail of social media advertising. By testing, we will be able to simultaneously have a look at what works in terms of content, styling, and calls-to-actions for your target market and segments. Doing so, not only saves you valuable time and money, but you also focus your strategy and efforts on what actually works and not on inaccuracies that could potentially damage your revenue.

    Large number of social media platforms

    If you are a business that would like to dominate the Social Media marketplace then effective Social Media advertising is absolutely crucial.

    Since we can have access to a large number of social media platforms, we can leverage the desirable advertising capabilities and traffic from each channel. Hence, each platform has different markets to serve and it would be a shame not to tap into those ones as well. With that said, not every social media platform can serve all of the markets that a business wants to enter. Here at Yoshiro, we will be able to identify which platform/s best suits your needs and, as a result, your budget will be appropriately allocated and the Return on Investment will be even higher.

    These are just some of the many advantages that any business can benefit from through Social Media Advertising. Our team of experts at Yoshiro Digital is ready to satisfy all your Social Media needs. Pair it up with our Social Media Management for maximum social media outcome.