29 Nov 2018 Maria Avraam

Web Design and Web development

Web Design and Development is considered a 21st century work of art

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    "Websites promote you 24/7: No employee will do that." - Paul Cookson

    And with Paul Cookson’s wise words, let’s see what it takes for your masterpiece to become a reality.

    We always follow the following process:

    Plan according to client’s needs

    First and foremost, a way towards a successful online presence is to communicate your goals to us. Once we have an overall idea on what you are looking to achieve, the web design strategy will be structured and based around that. From that moment onwards, we will be able to decide on a name that fits your masterpiece (if you don’t already have one). Hence in this case, your name will be reflected in the domain and will be one that best fits your business and how you will want to be known in the digital world.


    Our web design artists are ready to take their digital brushes and paint and turn your vision into reality. Whatever you have in mind, they can make it happen. During this developmental stage, they’ll strategically put together the design of your webpages for the best visual and technical outcome. Buttons, images, and all graphical elements are incorporated for the optimal web design and user experience. Of course, all performed with your needs and goals in mind.


    This is where the experience of our web developers comes into play. The web developers go to work turning the pages decided upon during the ‘design phase’ and structuring them correctly while building the website. Whether you pick a Joomla site, a WordPress site or even a custom code site, we can make it work. Using our different tools and software, we ensure that maximum user satisfaction is achieved.

    Set up tracking and goals indicators

    Tracking and goals are crucial to measuring conversions and success and a vital element in the world of digital marketing. You, as a business owner, need to know how visitors converted, what made them convert, where they came from, and so much more. Our development team will set up the goals you specifically would like to measure and will track them with the right tools. Therefore, for those tools to correctly measure your goals and provide accurate data, our developers will need to first set up tracking codes within the code of your site.


    To make sure that everything is up and running correctly, it is crucial to test every single page and function on your site. That is another important role that our developers perform effectively. They cannot contemplate taking a site live without testing it first and being absolutely certain that the site launches without significant issues. That way, we ensure that our service will work the best for both you and your clients.


    We came back to you with our designs along the way and now that we have approval on the final product, it is time to launch. Say hello to your masterpiece! You can now search for it and find it on all the search engines from Google to Bing, Yahoo and beyond. There it is, all set up and ready for users to visit and convert. Though don’t rest on your laurels. Your website is in need of constant updates and fresh content in order to stay competitive. It would be a shame to be up there in the digital marketing stratosphere without constantly updating your content and links and missing the opportunity to significant elevate your sales.

    What’s next?

    Websites need to be not only presentable, but they need to be easy to use and navigate. With both design and user experience in mind, your website will not only have a beautiful and unique design but due to its user friendliness, and its power to promote your services, products and offers, it will also deliver more conversions and thus increase revenue.

    However, it doesn't stop there. In order for online dominance you should also consider the following:

    • SEO helps elevate you to the top positions in search engines. Who can say no to ranking first in Google search results and letting all your competitors eat your dust?
    • It is recommended to combine our SEO services with our Web development & web design since all are interrelated and can lead to online excellence!
    • Whilst our SEO and web developent teams are busy setting up your website, our social media creative minds are already thinking about your online presence through the many different social media channels that you should be considering appearing on.
    • We can advise on where it is most appropriate to appear based on your target market and then start building your channels/pages with the most original, unique and eye catching content possible.