29 Nov 2018 Maria Avraam

Pay Per Click (PPC) - Search Engine Marketing

Google Adwords and PPC Services in Cyprus

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    Paid search or Pay per Click Marketing Benefits

    Imagine having a huge billboard in the middle of Times Square. You would naturally think, well that must cost a heck of a lot of money. And you’d be right. Now compare this to Search Engine Marketing. With PPC, you get the huge exposure you would get on a busy street like Times Square, with millions of people seeing your ad on search engine result pages. But the huge benefit is; you ONLY pay for the viewers of your ad who click on it to visit your site! Yes, not the ones who see your ad but the ones who actually click.

    PPC Campaign Creation & Management

    PPC requires the creation of targeted campaigns each time a new ad is needed to advertise different goods and offerings. The need to create campaigns exists since the ads are complex and require different sets of messaging that will attract the appropriate target markets. At Yoshiro Digital, our experienced team is able to deliver all your PPC needs including the most crucial element – the creation of campaigns. All creative designs and background work is carried out in-house by some of Cyprus and Australia’s greatest marketing minds. Extensive keyword research is also performed prior to the design step, where the anticipated cost of investment will be determined.

    The management aspect must not be neglected since that is where your budget will be strategically managed. Our PPC experts can help you decide where it is worth investing your money for the most effective use of your budget. We are proud to work in-house with a Google Partner who will provide the expertise needed when it comes to your PPC ads and campaigns. Thus, all Google guidelines will be met for your PPC Campaigns to be as effective as possible.

    Steps to an effective PPC Campaign

    Keyword Research: A comprehensive keyword research investigation will help you reach the right markets and increase traffic to your site. Adding negative keywords will ensure that your budget is allocated appropriately and thus, campaigns will be more efficient and effective.

    Market Segmentation: By creating smaller and more compatible groups of your target market, your Click-through-rate (CTR) will increase. That is because a different message will be served to each segment.

    Constant keyword monitoring: Monitoring your keywords will allow you to remove the low conversion and low traffic targets. Hence, the budget will be effectively allocated to the best performing keywords and queries.

    Custom landing pages: Having custom landing pages means that the different segments will be sent to the appropriate landing page. These unique pages will reflect the PPC ad’s message with carefully crafted calls-to-action (CTA’s) to ensure high CTRs and conversions.

    Paid search or Pay per Click Marketing Benefits

    1. Reach millions
    2. Target the right market
    3. Quick results
    4. Raise Social Media brand awareness & overall brand recognition
    5. High ROI
    6. Save on budget
    7. Results tracking efficiency