Ecommerce best practices – Generate Quick Wins

17 Dec 2018 Stavros Zachariou
ecommerce best practises

To gain an advantage over the competition it is important to understand ecommerce best practices. And one of the best things you can do to guarantee success is to continue to test ideas frequently and consistently. So, do you have an E-commerce website and you are looking for ideas to generate some quick wins? Then today is your lucky day!

Follow some of the techniques below and stay motivated to keep increasing your conversions.

Most owners nowadays try to drop their prices or run expensive ad campaigns or even look to redesign the whole website. You don’t need to panic and make major changes at first just so that you can increase your conversions.

Instead, trying some of the following techniques will take only a short amount of time to implement and they will likely improve your conversions dramatically. But always keep in mind that you will have to keep testing!

Create quantity sensitive offers

It is a great idea to limit the number of your products. For example, show a message stating that there are “Only 2 in Stock”  and use an illuminating color, such as red. This is considered a negative color in much of society but works positively in this scenario because it prompts users to engage quickly when purchasing a product.

By following this technique:

  1. You will increase the value of your product. By adding limitations to your products users feel like this is something which is hard to get and is popular and therefore valuable.
  2. You are “forcing”  people to take an action. Showing them that the product they are interested in is available, but only for a short amount of time will get them to act.

Some visuals examples are:

Create time sensitive offers

Another effective ecommerce best practices technique is to add a limited time offer countdown.

Creating urgency on a product means users will feel pressure to proceed quickly with a payment.

*** For even better results combine both techniques mentioned above: Restrict quantity AND also make the offer time-sensitive.

Trust me, people will go nuts!

Offer free shipping – Under one condition

Everyone loves free shipping. However, you should offer free shipping with a condition.

For example: Let your clients know that there is “ Free Shipping on orders over $39”

With this method, you can increase your average order value (AOV) as users will likely buy more products instead of electing to pay the shipping fee.

Make your Users Trust you

The first thing that any visitor to your site wants to know is if you are a trustworthy brand/website and if they can buy items without the risk of getting robbed. Ecommerce best practices state that you need a client base that sees you as an honest business and it’s imperative to build this level of trust.

Some clever ways to show this are:

  1. Showing your store’s total following in Social Media
  2. Showing the number of likes and shares of each product

Incorporating these quick strategies into your e-commerce strategy is sure to reap some instant benefits!