Simple way’s to grow your email marketing list

08 Apr 2020 Haris Alexandrou
Email Marketing

There’s bad news and good news, what would you like to hear first? The Bad? Your email marketing list decreases by 22.5% every year. Through the user abandoning the email address they only use to fill in forms, unsubscribes or changing email addresses. Whatever way you slice it your email list is shrinking every year. Pretty annoying right? But don’t feel too down here comes the good news, with these really simple and effective techniques you can maintain and even grow your mailing list. There are several different strategies you can use in addition to different ways to implement these strategies.


Weird right? How can you use email marketing to increase your email marketing list? Seem’s impossible but it’s not with these amazing and simple techniques.

  1. Create entertaining, valuable and re-marketable content. The number one way to ensure your mailing list remains the same is to create content that your audience wants. This may be the most simple thing on the list but is often overlooked.
  2. Encourage sharability, include social sharing buttons or “email to a friend” this is a great way to increase your network with minimal effort.
  3. Add a link on employee signatures, if you feel like your employees are spending time answering email’s that your email marketing content solves add a link in their email signature leading people to a landing page dedicated to getting subscribers to your email list.


Although it’s often overlooked by some, the content you use in your email is essential when maintaining your mailing list and can even help to grow it.

  1. Use offer, an offer doesn’t necessarily mean slashing your prices it could be an e-book or something of value. You can use this “offer” to either generate more leads by asking for their emails before they can get the offer or to maintain your current list if you use it as exclusive content.

Social Media

Your social channels are one of your most powerful tools when it comes to growing your mailing list. It’s a great way to reach a new audience who are perfect for your product or service.

  1. Host a contest, promote your content through your social media accounts and encourage participants to enter on your website using their email address.
  2. Use an offer, remember your offer doesn’t have to be a price offer. Promote your e-book or free resource on social media that requires an email address to acquire.
  3. Use your Facebook page’s button to link to your landing page dedicated to growing your mailing list.


Your website is where most of your social traffic points to, for this reason, it’s essential to have multiple methods to collect the users’ email address.

  1. Get feedback from your web visitors, use a live chatbox or a short form that requires users’ to include their email when they send feedback or ask a question.
  2. Use short forms’, it’s easy to fall into the trap of adding too many felids but this will make your form unappealing, create forms’ with fewer fields, once you initiate contact you can start collecting more information.
  3. Use your blog, if you don’t have a blog on your site, get one! Use your blog to collect blog subscribers, you can then upgrade them to more actionable items.

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