Paid Ads on Facebook – Not just Boosts

10 Mar 2020 Haris Alexandrou
Social Media

Facebook Ads vs. Boosting: What is the difference?

You are probably aware by now that Facebook ads are a key component of your digital marketing plan. There are over 2 billion users on Facebook every month for any successful business it’s essential to capitalize on this market. There is a huge audience out there just waiting to hear about your products and services.    

By many businesses, boosting posts is often confused with Facebook Social Media campaigns, but the difference and when should you use each one? The answer to which isn’t always so easy it often depends on your goal and the audience you want to reach. To discover what’s best for your business a complete understanding of both boosting and campaigns is essential. 

Boosting a post: Explained 

Boosting a post is one of, if not the most basic form of advertising on Facebook. You create a boost by adding a budget to a post already on your Facebook page.  As an example, the post below has already been posted onto the page and is therefore eligible to be boosted. Once the boost goes through and is approved by Facebook more people will begin to see your post in their news feed.    

Without boosting the post on its own would likely reach a very small audience, it could reach as little as 1% of the people who like your page. Boosting guarantees your post will be seen by a wider audience. You should typically use boosting if your goal for that advertisement is to get more people to engage with your post in the form of reactions, comments and shares.        

What happens if your goal is not as simple engagement or if you would like a little more customization? In this scenario, Facebook Ads might work better for you. 

Facebook Ads: Explained 

Facebook ads give a more comprehensive and advanced way to advertise on Facebook. Creating Facebook ads require an ad’s manager account. 

Facebook Ads offer the most customizations to an advertiser. The type of ad you choose to run will depend on the goal of your campaign.  There different campaign objectives including, Brand Awareness, Reach, Traffic, Engagement, App Instals, Video Views, Lead generation, Messages, Conversions, Catalogue Sales and Store Traffic. The number of Ad goals available for Facebook ads is a huge advantage over boosting posts. 

Another advantage of Facebook Ads over boosting posts is the ability to customize every aspect of your ad. When creating a Facebook ad you can choose what call to action button you would like to use, this will depend on your objective, “Sign Up”, “Contact Us” and “Download” are just a few of the plethora of options available. 

The biggest benefit of Facebook Ads is the customizable audience and placement options you have, in comparison boosting posts have very little tailored creatives and targeting options. 

What’s right for you? 

The first step you need to decide is what you want to achieve with your advertisement and where you want it to show up. Here’s our guide on what you can achieve with each: 

Boosted posts: 

Location targeting: Yes

Age and Gender targeting: Yes 

Interest Targeting: Yes

Facebook Ads: 

Location targeting: Yes

Age and Gender targeting: Yes 

Interest Targeting: Yes

Language Targeting: Yes

Behavior targeting: Yes

Ads Scheduling: Yes

Call to Action Button: Yes

Optimized Bidding: Yes

Multiple Image: Yes

Instagram ads: Yes

With all the additional options Facebook Ads give’s you it’s important to consult an expert when creating your ads in order to achieve the goals you want. Talk to an expert on Facebook ads today and start getting the results you deserve!